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With the way our skin changes over time, finding the right kind of maintenance regimen through the years can seem impossible. Thanks to today's cutting-edge technology, however, you can take the guesswork out of skin care. The medical team at The Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill is pleased to present VISIA™ skin analysis to our patients. By using this highly advanced system, we can help the residents of our community - such as men and women from Salem, Roanoke and Cave Spring -develop a skin care routine that is individualized just for them. If this kind of personalized assessment interests you, then please book a consultation today with the Medi Spa staff at Dr. Carol A. Wray's office in Salem, VA.


What is VISIA™ skin analysis?

A combination of specialized photography and computer software, the VISIA™ system generates images that allow us to evaluate various aspects of your skin. With this digital analysis, we can take a closer look at your problem areas, such as brown spots or red spots, and evaluate your wrinkles. Not only does the VISIA™ system offer a good assessment of what we can visibly see with our eye, but it also gives us an indication of what is just beneath the surface of the skin. This will alert us to what is eventually going to be showing up on your skin in later years. Then, a comparison is made between your skin and skin of people your own age.

What is the basic technology used during VISIA™ skin analysis?

True-UV™ technology

One portion of the VISIA™ evaluation includes looking at the skin under harmless UV radiation. This highlights bacteria like P. Acnes that is trapped in skin pores. The resultant image is processed using a computer, which will result in a comparison with people of your own age.

RBX™ technology

The RBX™ technology is exclusive to VISIA™ skin analysis. The RBX™ technology separates the red and brown components that are underneath the skin and can detect problems such as rosacea, spider veins, melasma and sun damage. This technology is a combination of photography and computer analysis.

Multi-spectral imaging

By using light in varying wavelengths, it is possible to view different images of the same area of skin. This is how we can focus on separate areas such as red and brown spots, as well as the amount of wrinkling or bacteria on the skin.

High-quality imaging

Apart from analyzing the skin using different color spectrums, VISIA™ skin analysis will also take close-up photographs of the skin surface from different angles, which allows us to analyze pore size and wrinkles. These can be compared to people of similar age to give you a better idea of the overall condition of your skin.

How can I understand the results of a VISIA™ skin analysis?

The Medi Spa staff will make sure to carefully review your VISIA™ skin analysis with you in Salem and clarify each part of the procedure. There is a visual report that shows various photographs, as well as explanations for each type of photograph. This will allow you to compare different kinds of treatments, as well as your overall progress.

What are the advantages of VISIA™ skin analysis?

By evaluating both the skin surface and the changes that are directly under the surface, we can get a better overall view of the skin. This will help us target appropriate treatments for your complete skin care.

How can the VISIA™ skin analysis be used?

In Salem, our licensed Master Estheticians, Melissa Miles and Jenny Johnson, will use the VISIA™ skin analysis to direct your complete skin care program. This will help us determine the most appropriate skin care regimen specifically for you, as well as any other adjunct procedures that may help counteract previous sun damage in your skin. It also gives us a good tool to monitor your treatment. As another bonus, the VISIA™ system can also simulate age, demonstrating what you may look like in another five to seven years.

For more information about VISIA™ in Virginia:

The skin care professionals at The Center for Plastic Surgery and Medi Spa are always available to answer any questions regarding our VISIA™ procedure. We welcome patients from across the region, including Salem, Roanoke and Cave Spring. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation. You can also schedule a consultation online by clicking here: Schedule a Consultation Online - VISIA™.