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Age Spot and Sunspot Removal

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Beautiful skin is something many people, especially women, desire. Whether the preference is for porcelain hues or a sun-kissed look, there's one trait that is sought after as much as any other: an even skin tone. Unfortunately, age spots and sunspots make it difficult for many individuals to truly attain, or even maintain, the smooth, evenly pigmented skin they want.

When age and sun exposure begin to take their toll, It's time to pay a visit to the Salem, VA, office of Dr. Carol A. Wray. The medical team at The Medi spa at Ridgewood Hill can help you elegantly enhance your skin's appearance with age spot and sunspot removal. Our services draw patients from Salem, Roanoke, Cave Spring and other areas in and around Roanoke and New River Valleys. Please book a consultation with us today and find out how you can get rid of the age spots and sunspots that are marring the appearance of your skin.



What are age spots and sunspots?

Visible brown spots that appear on the surface of your skin are known as sunspots, age spots, liver spots and, commonly, freckles. Age spots or sunspots are flat, brown areas called lentigines. They are caused by the sun and usually appear on the face, hands, chest and back. Commercial products such as "fade creams" can sometimes lighten these spots, and frequently using a quality skin care regimen and prescription creams will more effectively diminish them.

At The Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill, however, the staff utilizes a more permanent removal for age spots and sunspots. Our preferred technique in Salem involves broadband light (multiple wave lengths) that actually breaks up the pigment cells and removes them. For single lesions, we have found that laser (single wavelength) treatments can be very effective.

Studies have shown that most pigmented lesions, such as age spots and sunspots, can be directly attributed to overexposure to damaging ultraviolet rays. Preventative measures should always be taken by using sunscreen and avoiding the sun when possible. Although these precautions won't correct damage already done, it will help keep pigment problems from getting any worse.

How are age spots and sunspots removed?

There are a few different treatments available for age spot and sunspot removal. The type of lesion will determine the best method for eliminating it. The professionals at The Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill can help determine which method is right for you and your skin type. The following are general methods used in removing age spots and sunspots at our Salem location:

Laser Removal:

Individual sunspots, age spots and freckles respond well to newly advanced laser treatments. Safe and effective laser light is absorbed by the darkened pigment, thereby lightening or destroying it and leaving the skin looking more uniform in color, texture and appearance. A majority of our patients who undergo the treatment in Salem tolerate it easily, describing the procedure as feeling like a snap of a rubber band. After the laser treatment, the target area may feel like a slight sunburn, but in about one to 24 hours, the discomfort disappears. Results typically can be seen within two to 30 days post-treatment.

BroadBand Light™ (BBL):

When sun damage or visible pigmentation is more widespread, we may recommend a series of BroadBand Light™ treatments to break up the pigment cells. With this non-invasive, "lunch time" approach, your age spots and sunspots will usually lessen or disappear within three or four weeks. The treatment may be essentially painless, or it can give you a feeling of sunburn for a few hours, depending on the intensity of the pigmented lesions. BBL can also be used to reduce facial flushing and visible capillaries, as well as increase your skin's own natural collagen production (which in time will help to improve fine lines and wrinkles in troubled areas).

For more information about age spot and sunspot removal in Virginia:

The skin care professionals at The Center for Plastic Surgery and Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill are always available to answer any questions regarding age spot and sunspot removal. We welcome patients from throughout the region, including Salem, Roanoke and Cave Spring. Please give us a call at to schedule a consultation. You can also schedule a consultation online by clicking here: Schedule a Consultation Online for Age Spot and Sunspot Removal.