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Permanent Make-up

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Women can spend a lot of time each day putting on make-up. And like the monotonous aspects of shaving, the application of cosmetics can become downright tiresome. And it is often frustrating to try to draw a straight line for eyeliner or get your brows drawn evenly. With permanent make-up at The Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill, you can maintain long-lasting color morning, noon and night without lifting a brush.

Our team of Medi Spa professionals has helped ease the lives of patients throughout Roanoke Valley, including residents of Salem, Roanoke and Cave Spring. Permanent make-up has provided a way for many women in the region to take pride in their appearance without the stress of daily cosmetic applications. If you think that permanent make-up may be an option for you, then please schedule an appointment today with our Master Esthetician, Melissa Miles, at Dr. Carol A. Wray's Salem, VA, office.


What is permanent make-up?

Permanent make-up involves tattooing long-lasting dyes on areas where you would normally apply make-up. Our patients in Salem frequently tattoo both upper and lower eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner and lips. The appearance can be very subtle, giving a very natural appearance in color, or the results can be more dramatic, depending on your wishes. Permanent make-up can also be used as a micropigmentation technique on your skin to help cover areas of irregular coloration.

Who is a candidate for permanent make-up?

Permanent make-up is ideal for people who wish to have a long-lasting result without having to repeatedly apply make-up. It is very helpful for people who tend to sweat a lot, causing typical make-up to run. Women who are in the pool frequently will also benefit. If you have difficulty applying smooth, even lines, especially to the eyelids, this technique is ideal for you. Also, people who have allergies to different types of make-up may benefit from the application of permanent make-up.

Who can apply permanent make-up?

At the Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill in Salem, Master Esthetician Melissa Miles is licensed by the state to apply permanent make-up. Melissa has been doing this procedure since 2002 and takes painstaking care with precise application of the dyes. Your color choices and desired look will be carefully discussed and tested before the procedure.

Is permanent make-up really permanent?

The ink is actually implanted into the skin and, just like a regular tattoo, cannot be washed off. Because permanent make-up is typically placed over such a fine area, the pigment will tend to fade over time. As a result, touch ups may be required, usually in seven years or so.

Is there any down time associated with permanent make-up application?

The area tattooed will appear very shiny for several days following your permanent make-up procedure in Salem. This is because the site is actually still healing and will require a small amount of ointment. Within a few days the area will heal and not appear as shiny. Lips will take a little longer to heal than the brows or eyelids and may be more sensitive.

For more information about Virginia permanent make-up:

The skin care professionals at The Center for Plastic Surgery and Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill are always available to answer any questions regarding our permanent make-up procedures. We welcome patients from across the region, including Salem, Roanoke and Cave Spring. Please give us a call at to schedule a consultation. You can also schedule a consultation online by clicking here: Schedule a Consultation Online - Permanent Make-Up.

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