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If you're bothered by unsightly pockets of fat in your stomach, thighs, back, buttocks or elsewhere, Roanoke liposuction might be your best option. For those of us who have tried everything from diets to cardio to weight training and still can't seem to rid our bodies of those stubborn pockets of fat, consider liposuction. As you'll see in the before and after pictures, liposuction is the best way to eliminate these pesky areas for good.

In Roanoke, liposuction is performed under general anesthesia, using a long, thing, hollow tube called a cannula to suction out excess fat. And as one of the most popular cosmetic treatments among both men and women, there are an abundance of Roanoke liposuction before and after pictures that you can view to determine if this is the procedure for you.

Also known as lipoplasty, liposuction will smooth out your body contours, giving you a sleeker, sexier figure. Roanoke liposuction patients report fantastic results, including an increase in self-confidence and body image. Most of them are happy to share their results with others, especially through before and after pictures that depict their liposuction journey.

If you're interested in learning more about liposuction in Roanoke, contact a board-certified plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will discuss all of the risks and rewards of this particular surgery, and help you decide which technique is best for you. Also keep in mind that Roanoke liposuction is not a substitute for diet and exercise, so it's best to maintain a healthy lifestyle following your surgery in order to achieve optimal results.

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