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Our faces are almost always exposed, making them extremely vulnerable to internal and external aggressors. As our skin consistently bears the brunt of sun, wind, age, gravity, pollutants and stress, our natural defenses can only "fight the good fight" for so long. At some point, we need help. For many men and women in Virginia and elsewhere, a face lift is their best option.

As a board certified Plastic Surgeon in Salem, VA for more than 20 years, Dr. Carol A. Wray has listened to hundreds of patients complain that makeup, moisturizers and the like aren't doing enough to improve their looks. They want a more intensive, comprehensive and longer-lasting solution for the wrinkling skin and sagging fat on their faces, jowls and necks. If these kinds of imperfections are bothering you, then please schedule a face lift consultation at The Center for Plastic Surgery at Ridgewood Hill today. By doing so, you can join the many men and women from Salem, Roanoke, Cave Spring and beyond who have placed their trust in the skilled and experienced care of Dr. Wray.

What is a face lift?

A face lift, or rhytidectomy, improves the upper neck area and lower jaw line. This procedure will smooth out the skin on your cheeks and help restore a more youthful and balanced look to your face.

What is a mini face lift?

A mini face lift softens the aging affects along the jaw line and neck. It is a procedure that is frequently done in the office, and usually has less downtime than a standard facelift.

Who should consider a face lift?

If you have noticeable loose skin in the upper neck or fullness along the jaw line (referred to as "jowls"), then you may be a candidate for a face lift or mini face lift. When you attend your rhytidectomy consultation in Salem, Dr. Wray will assess your condition and recommend options for correction, which may include surgical or nonsurgical techniques, or a combination of both.

Dr. Wray has built a reputation for her comprehensive and compassionate consultations with patients from in and around Roanoke Valley. Her high-quality care, attention to detail and experienced staff are just some of the reasons men and women from Salem, Roanoke, Cave Spring and outlying areas seek her out.

What areas of the face are addressed with a face lift?

Most surgeons consider the human face to be made up of three parts. The forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids are labeled as the upper face. The lower eyelids and cheeks make up the mid-face. And the mouth, jaw and upper neck constitute the lower face. It is important to remember that a face lift is only intended to help the lower face. However, many of our patients in Salem frequently opt for additional procedures, such as eyelid surgeries or fillers, to be performed in tandem with a face lift.

Is it possible to get eye rejuvenation with a face lift?

To help restore a brightness around the eyes, an eyelid surgery can often be combined with one of our face lifts in Salem. At the time of your consult, Dr. Wray will evaluate your entire face, and recommendations will be made to help you regain youthfulness and keep a good facial balance. Together we will choose the appropriate treatments or procedures specifically for you.

How is a typical face lift performed?

The initial incision for a face lift will generally start around the sideburn near the ear, hugging the front of the ear and going inside and around the bump in the ear. It then extends around the bottom of the ear, onto the back of the ear and into the hair. Another incision is often made under the chin, so fat can be removed and the muscles treated if needed. The skin is lifted, fat is shifted in the face, the underlying layers are tightened and the skin is trimmed and closed.

Will there be scarring after a face lift?

Anytime the skin is cut, there will be a scar left behind. When Dr. Wray performs her face lifts in Salem, her goal is to hide the scars as much as possible.By going inside the ear in the front, the scar is usually hidden, rather than being a straight line in front of the ear. There will sometimes be another short scar under the chin. Makeup can be placed over the scars after about 10 days, and the redness will fade over three to six months.

What can be expected after a face lift?

You can usually remove the dressings in one to two days and begin showering. You will normally have mild swelling and bruising that can extend down the neck, most of which can easily be covered with makeup. Although you will need to avoid heavy lifting for two to three weeks, you can be walking or doing "gentle" exercise within days of your surgery, as long as you do not strain. Within five to seven days after your face lift, you will return to our Salem office to have your sutures removed.

How long does a face lift take?

Depending on the exact procedures being performed, a mini face lift will usually take two to three hours in our office in Salem. A standard face lift, which is done as an outpatient procedure, can last three to five hours, again depending on what additional work is required.

Will I need general anesthesia?

A mini face lift is an office procedure that uses just local anesthesia around the ears, with or without oral medication. A standard face lift is an outpatient procedure that is usually done with general anesthesia.

How long do the results of a face lift last?

The results of a rhytidectomy can last 10 or more years. However, the natural aging process will continue, so your heredity, sun exposure and smoking will all factor into how quickly you will start seeing excess skin again. To maintain your fresher, younger look long after a face lift, Dr. Wray and her team of professionals in Salem offer various smaller procedures and skin care treatments that can help.

What is the recovery time associated with a face lift?

Although there is very minimal swelling with a mini face lift, you can expect bruising down the sides of your neck. However, this is usually mild and can be easily covered up until it heals. A standard face lift will generally have more bruises close to the mouth and down the neck, but these can also be covered up with makeup. Strenuous activity is limited for several weeks, but gentle movement, such as walking, can be done immediately. Our patients in Salem have typically returned to work within days of a mini face lift and within one to two weeks after a standard face lift.

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